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The Secret to the Precise Color Matching of Plastic Parts

Color Matching of Plastic Parts

Often some of the different plastic parts in a project must color match. Though the human eye can pretty accurately judge color, to determine it accurately over time is a different story. Its even more difficult when you consider the effect that different light sources such as the sun or fluorescent and incandescence lights have on how we perceive color.

That’s where our 3D targeting technology comes in for precise color measurements on different shapes and sizes.

Our ColorEye XTH Spectrophotometer can scientifically measure, quantify, describe, and compare color in plastic parts in different light sources over the entire manufacturing process. And we can measure the whole three-dimensional part. It’s called 3-D Targeting Technology and provides accurate measurements on the most challenging sizes, shapes, and contours.

The thing with color matching is, even though the human eye is accurate, its observations aren’t quantifiable. With our color instrumentation, we get a quantitative color reading that indisputably verifies and proves the accuracy of each color. 

And you can easily collaborate with us using our X-rite Color iQC software. It’s compatible with most formats and interfaces with both design applications and manufacturing processes.

So, whether you’re looking to match the color of a single part within a production run or you need to have several different parts to match from one run to the next, we have the equipment to make it happen.

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