Our Quality Assurance Goal for Your Part is Zero Defects.

Poor manufacturing standards can result in a 50%–75% product return rate. Here’s how we’ll increase your team’s productivity with fewer returns.

Documentation and Traceability

We track your part by job number and purchase order number through the manufacturing process. Our trained, full time quality assurance personnel note lot numbers and material identification numbers and document any required measurements throughout the process.


Each mold is sampled and the process is validated to ensure that we can produce a quality part in the most efficient way possible. Our mold sampling and validation program is based on the system used by the medical industry to obtain FDA approvals for their products.

In Process and Final Audits

Our quality personnel perform bi-hourly in process audits and document all the information. Every carton of product undergoes a final audit before it is removed from the manufacturing area.

Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPA)

We focus our quality program on determining the root cause of any quality issue identified internally or externally. We then take the appropriate corrective or preventative actions to ensure this issue does not recur in the future.

Precision Measuring

quality inspectionWe can verify critical to function part dimensions using our DEA Swift Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) or our StarLite GX vision measuring system. The StarLite GX features accurate XY measurements to better than 0.0002 inches and has advanced image processing capability with automatic edge trace and multiple field of view tools.

Computer Controlled Presses

Our state of the art technologies help us easily meet stringent dimensional and processing parameters.

Statistical Process Control

You and our quality assurance team and engineers determine the characteristics to monitor. We also track your part weight on every job to help identify potential problems early in the manufacturing process.

Our Quality Control Equipment

  • Swift DEA Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • StarLite GX Vision Measuring Machine
  • ColorEye XTH Spectrophotometer

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