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Original Building
The original C&H Building located on Route 315 in Waterville, NY.

We are proud to announce that we have been acquired by Higgins Supply Company. Having been in business since 1921, Higgins has always kept their main focus on the customer. Located in McGraw, NY they began operations as a stamping company and have always had a goal of branching into the different manufacturing businesses. With the plastic industry at an all-time high, this acquisition could not have come at a better time. Check out their website at www.higginssupply.com to see what they, now we, can do for you!


Before founding C & H Plastics, Inc. in 1970, Bill Humphrey and Ray Clark worked in thermoplastic injection molding at the General Electric radio plant in Utica, New York. Bill managed the molding room and Ray was a mold engineer. At that time, Central New York was a successful manufacturing center where many highly trained, skilled engineers and manufacturing specialists worked. Utica became known as the “radio capital of the world” because of the GE radio plant.

After General Electric moved its radio manufacturing operations out of the country, these two entrepreneurs decided to pool their money and set up an injection molding operation. They purchased a building on Route 315 in Waterville, New York and C & H Plastics was born. The business remained there until moving in 1995 to a newer, larger facility on Conger Avenue in Waterville.

Home Base

The 56,000 square foot Conger Avenue facility was built in 1970. Its 19,000 square feet of manufacturing space houses eighteen thermoplastic injection molding machines, mold storage and maintenance tooling, and machine shop.

Ray Clark &
Bill Humphrey

Our 37,000 square foot warehouse and 3 bulk storage silos provide enough space for C & H to buy quantity raw material at discounted prices, saving customers money on material costs. They also have plenty of clean warehousing space to store customers’ parts for either blanket or drop shipping.

Family Feel

Bill Humphrey’s son and two daughters and Ray Clark’s two sons and daughter are all working at C & H. They’ve been there for years and are part of a workforce of 46 employees in manufacturing, warehousing, and sales.

C & H Plastics, Inc. is a second-generation business financially secure with low overhead and a superior cash position. Their customers know that C & H Plastics, Inc. will be there to manufacture plastic parts for them today and in the future. We look forward to working with you for another 50 years!

Call us at 315.841.4101 or click here to get a quote or ask us a question.

50 Year Anniversary

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