Reshoring Your Products

Lets make ‘Made in the USA’ easy again

With all the recent changes and problems in the world today, you want to be sure you have a steady handle on your supply chain.  What I have been seeing in recent weeks is most Chinese manufacturers are changing over to produce mostly PPE type products because of the high revenue and demand it is generating right now.  This can leave your non PPE products purchased from overseas backordered along with many other US manufacturer’s product orders.  The typical lead times of 6-8 weeks just to prepare for shipping has grown by weeks and months.  Not to mention the cost of air shipping your products to the US.  With the high demand on shipping the PPE products, the cost are climbing higher than ever before.  Of course you could always send it by ocean freight if you have another 6-8 weeks to wait.  Gone are the days where US companies received the most attention from the Chinese manufacturers, as most US Companies are now unsure where they fit into the supply chain environment of China anymore. 

Common Reasons for Reshoring

To add to this current situation with the Covid-19 virus, many of our corporate board rooms in the United States are filled with the tensions and uneasiness over the current state of our US/China trade policies being at the brink of a ‘new cold war’.  Tariffs coming and going constantly.  Did I mention the 25% tariff on Chinese tooling shipped back to the USA are back on in full force since the exclusion expired as of March 25th, 2020?

Right now we are seeing many medical customers looking to reshore their product lines to ensure a consistent supply to their production and assembly lines, and ultimately to their customers and end users.  Don’t be left behind, give us a call today to see how we can help expedite your reshoring efforts while working to keep the US manufacturing cost down as much as possible.

We will be adding some new blog post in the near future discussing specific things you can do to help reshore your products.