Properly Maintained Molds Keep Scrap Rates Down, Producing More Plastic Parts at Lower Cost.

mold maintenanceYour mold is critical to the part’s success… and it’s a major investment.

We don’t put a mold back on the shelf that needs attention. That’s why we maintain your tooling on a strict schedule. We keep it up by identifying problems when they’re small…and taking care of them right away.

Throughout each production run, manufacturing and quality control personnel complete a job report. They note the condition of the mold and parts and make suggestions as to maintenance.

Then the quality and manufacturing management team all review the report at regular meetings. They determine the appropriate preventative and corrective actions and have them completed before the next production run.

Our tool room is equipped to handle most of the mold maintenance and repair issues that come up. Our goal is to have your molds last the duration of the project with a minimum of repair costs.

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