When the Color of Your Plastic Parts Must Match…

We make sure the match is perfect with our ColorEye XTH Spectrophotometer with X-Rite COLOR iQC software.


Consistent Colors, Lower Costs

We can manufacture several different part sizes for the same project. This not only helps us keep colors consistent, but it lowers costs. That’s because we can buy material at higher volume discounts and plan the final assembly more efficiently

Precision Color

color matchingOur 3-D targeting technology provides precision color measurements on the most challenging shapes and sizes. And we make sure the color of your parts match within each production run and from run to run.

Measurements are especially accurate on contoured and opaque parts. Simultaneous SCE/SCI measurements allow us to measure pure color and simulate how the human eye responds to surface effects such as gloss or texture at the same time.

Color Matching of Plastic Parts

Easy Collaboration

Our customers especially like how easy it is for us to collaborate with them on the iQC software. It’s compatible with most data formats and easily interfaces with both design applications and manufacturing processes. You’ll see what we see right from your office, saving you time and money.

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