50 Years of Experience in Plastic Part Design and Engineering.

Manufacturing a quality product starts with the right part design.

Bottle Tray Part DesignWe encourage you to call us at the beginning of the process so we can help make your part designs as cost efficient and as easily moldable as possible.

Some of the things we’ll look for include problems caused from heavy wall sections, potential warp issues, and undercuts that could cause your molded part to be unusable. We also check for the general fit, function, and appearance of the part in relation to overall assemblies. See a copy of our Engineering Checklist here.

Bag Hanger

All of this preproduction work on design and engineering saves you money because problems found at this stage cost much less to solve than after the molds are made or, worse yet, during production.

Communication During Design and Tooling

We can work and communicate with you and your staff from the initial part concept to the final mold design using our SolidWorks 3D solid modeling software. This assures your original concept evolves smoothly into a moldable part.

Bang Hanger in use

We can exchange part and mold information with you on:

  • SolidWorks
  • ACIS (SAT)
  • AutoCAD (DWG & DXF)
  • STL
  • IGES
  • eDrawings
  • Parasolid

Call us at 315.841.4101 or click here to get a quote or ask us a question about your project.

50 Year Anniversary

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