Save Time and Money Testing Your Part Designs with Rapid Prototyping.

Rapid PrototypingYou can easily test your product designs with a prototype built with durable ABS plastic. We’ll make your model in house with our Stratasys Dimension 3D Printer and have it to you in just days. This means you can test your part designs with a working prototype, catch flaws early in the design process, and possibly save thousands of dollars in mold revision costs.

Test Your Parts with an ABS Plastic Prototype

    • Prove Your Concept in the Design Phase
      Everyone on your design team can review the original concept early in the process. We can provide your prototype in a matter of days at an affordable price. With the prototype, we can project cost savings throughout design, mold building, and manufacturing.
    • Perform Functional Testing
      Our prototypes are usable parts built with tough ABS plastic. You can test part fit, function, and manufacturability with a high level of precision. Perform rigorous tests with an ABS prototype that won’t warp, shrink, or absorb moisture. And you can drill, tap, glue, sand, and paint your ABS model to closely duplicate the final design.
    • Drastically Reduce Product Costs
      The cost to correct design errors goes up astronomically at each stage of the manufacturing process. A $1 design error caught in the concept phase may escalate to $1,000 if caught during tooling and $10,000 during production. That’s why our Rapid Prototyping can save you thousands of dollars.
    • Build Product Prototypes
      You’ll catch design flaws early with an ABS plastic prototype. Seeing your product before it goes into production means you can make the appropriate adjustments throughout the design process. This is the stage where changes are much easier and less costly to make.
    • Use Your Prototype as a Marketing Tool
      Many of our customers show their prototype at trade shows, marketing review meetings, and study groups. This helps their sales staff and customers visualize the product. Whether it’s for customers, investors, or a catalog photo shoot, a prototype is great for pre-manufacture sales.

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    And to save you even more money, we’ll refund the cost of one prototype model against your paid injection mold order placed with C&H Plastics, Inc.

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